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Thinkdriver Bluetooth OBD2 Automotive Diagnostic Code Reader IOS/Android

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  • Brand: LAUNCH
  • Model: Thinkdriver
  • color: black

Provide you with new updates

1. VIN full system diagnosis of 3 vehicles is now offered for free for new customers!

2. Include more car brands. (India, Malaysia cars)

3. If you have subscribed paid full system diagnostics for other cars, the vin of these cars will enjoy one year of free updates.

4. The latest ISO and Android versions have been released with all bugs fixed and new car brands added.


Powerful and Competitive Features

With the same features as thousands of dollars worth of diagnostic tools, but at a much lower price, THINKDRIVER is a smart Bluetooth diagnostic tool for DIYers and car owners that is extremely close to professional diagnostic tools. In addition to full OBDII functionality, THINKDRIVER also supports full system diagnostics of the vehicle, helping you understand every module in the vehicle. Goodbye to normal OBDII dongles! We strive to keep the price of THINKDRIVER to a minimum, allowing all car owners to test the vehicle’s full system, far exceeding OBDII.

THINKDRIVER system-wide diagnostics

This option allows you to detect if the system parameters are normal. It mainly includes transmission system, chassis system, body system and electrical system.

Reads and clears codes for all available systems, turns off MIL lights (indicators), displays real-time data in text, graphs and simulations for easy data viewing.

The vin for 3 cars is free.


THINKDRIVER supports 15 maintenance reset functions:

ABS and SAS are free, if you need other reset services you can buy them from the Thinkdriver app.


This OBD2 scanner is specifically designed to give you quick access to vehicle systems for various scheduled service and maintenance capabilities. Some commonly used special reset services are listed for your reference:

1. Oil Lamp Reset Service: Allows you to perform a new calculation that recalculates the engine oil life system after an oil change. 

2. EPB service: It is of great significance to maintain the safety and efficiency of the electronic braking system. 

3. BAT Battery Service: Allows the scan tool to assess battery state of charge, monitor closed circuit current, register battery replacement and activate the vehicle’s standstill.

4. DPF service: especially suitable for diesel particulate filter system with DPF regeneration, DPF component replacement teaching and DPF teaching after replacing the engine control unit. 

5. SAS service: Helps to clear the faulty steering angle sensor memory and plays an important role in steering angle sensor calibration. 

6. TPMS service: It makes sense to display the sensor ID from the vehicle ECU, enter the TPMS sensor replacement ID and test the sensor. 

7. IMMO key programming: Unique car key programming and reading password functions, mainly used to disable lost car keys and program new replacement keys.  

8. ABS Bleeding: After repairing the ABS pump system, bleed the ABS brakes after the exhaust to get firm brake pads

9. Sunroof reset: Sunroof memory generally needs to be reset when the vehicle is replaced or the car is scrapped

10. Suspension reset: try massaging system reset electronic suspension air ride close all doors koeo flip measurement system go to suspension reset or open close

11. Gearbox reset Program reset transmission adaptive learning DIY. Start the car and drive. After this procedure, the Engine Control Unit (ECU) and Transmission Control Unit (TCU) will work together to understand how you drive by monitoring your driving patterns. After you drive the car in this way of programming the TCU/ECU.

12. AFS headlight reset “AFS” refers to the adaptive headlight system (use bi-xenon headlights at night) it can be rotated to the sides, pressing the button means they will always point forward and when you turn the steering wheel won’t turn

13. Injector Coding Even if the injector is disabled, leaking injectors and some dead injectors may be missed. Other problems with the ignition system and mechanical components may also not show a loss of revs when the injectors are turned off

14. Throttle Fitting The throttle body is a tube that houses a rotatable flat valve (butterfly valve) that controls the amount of air entering the engine. In an electronic fuel injected vehicle, the throttle position sensor and air flow sensor communicate with a computer, which provides the corresponding amount of fuel required by the injectors. Throttle sensor position must be relearned after removal or repair

15. Gear Learning: The scan tool monitors certain camshaft position sensor signals to determine if all conditions are met to continue the engine run routine

THINKDRIVER has 10 OBDII/EOBD function modes:

Mode 1: Read real-time data stream

Mode 2: Read Freeze Frame Data

Mode 3: Read DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code)

Mode 4: Clear DTCs

Mode 5: Oxygen Sensor Monitoring

Mode 6: System Monitoring

Mode 7: Read Pending DTCs

Mode 8: In-vehicle system control operation

Mode 9: Read vehicle information

Mode 10: After clearing/resetting emissions-related diagnostic information, requests emissions-related DTCs with permanent status.

Buyer Q&A

1. Does thinkdriver work on all vehicles? It supports over 105 car brands, but not all car brands are free.

If you buy a THINKDRIVER, you will get:

1. Free car full system diagnosis for three vehicles.

2. One car provides free ABS deflation service function

3. One car-free SAS steering angle sensor reset function

4. Free OBD2 engine diagnosis for all vehicles

5. Free acceleration tester for all vehicles

If you want to diagnose another car. Price per VIN maker software: $14.95/year

Reset software price: $9.95/year

2. How to change the language? It does not support changing the language, the app language will follow your phone’s system language.

3. Can it support trucks? No, it doesn’t support 24V cars.

4. What is the serial number 98926xxxxxxx

5. Does it work with X431? It doesn’t work with other apps or scanners, make sure to use it on the ThinkDriver app.

6. What is the difference between Thinkdiag and Thinkdriver? They all belong to the Thinkcar brand, which is the main brand of the launch.

7. What app should I download? Thinkdriver device support for the following applications: Thinkdriver, ThinkDiag, ThinkDiag Mini

easy to use

No diagnostic knowledge is required. The professional features of THINKDRIVER make it easy for anyone to use it without any technical training. THINKDRIVER shows high intelligence with its excellent performance.

Fast Installation guide


Supported languages

English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

Supports over 105 car brands

In order to provide its vehicle diagnostics, THINKDRIVER requires a purchase via the app with your vehicle’s VIN code. If you own more than one car, you will need to purchase each car based on the VIN code, even if they are all from the same car brand. Each VIN code purchase can be used for 1 year.

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